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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  April 19, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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one suspect is dead. a massive man hunt is under way for that second suspect. look at the pictures. a this following the night of explosions and deadly gunfire in the city just outside of boston. the associated press is reporting that the suspects are brothers and they are from the russian region of help that. >> reporter: there is a press conference getting under way. the governor is speaking. we'll let you listen in right now. >> an mit officer was seriously wounded and in -- there was an officer that was seriously wounded and is in surgery right now. there is a massive man hunt under way. a lot of law enforcement involved in that. to assist that, we have suspended all service on the public transit service. that will continue until we think it's safe to open all or
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some of that. we are asking people to shelter in place. in other words to stay indoors with their doors locked and not to open the door for anyone other than a properly identified law enforcement officer and that applies here in watertown where we are right now. also cambridge, newton, belmont, and at this point all of boston. all of boston. this is a serious situation. we are taking it seriously. we are asking the public to take it seriously as well. and assist law enforcement by following those simple instructions. we've got every asset that we can possibly muster on the ground right now. they are doing a terrific job in working in concert with each other but we will need the public to help us help them stay safe. >> thank you governor. as the governor said, this is a
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rapidly developing situation. within the last half hour we received information that i have communicated to mayor manio. he's asked me to come here and tell you that the shelter in place recommendation has been extended throughout the city of boston. there is a lot of information coming in we're working very closely with federal authorities in washington. we are examing all data bases. all potential leads and there are officers that are moving around the city right now. police be patient with us. work with us. if you see anything suspicious, let us know. we are trying to make this as safe as quickly as possible. but this is an ongoing situation. i want to stress that. this is an ongoing situation. >> first i want to say thank you to each and every one of us. you have gotten the information out. i want you to continue to do that. our priority is with these neighborhoods here in watertown
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in making them safe and finding this individual. we are make more time. we are making significant progress up there but it may take hours to do this. i know there is a lot of questions and we'll have plenty of time to address those. for now this is about public safety and the water town neighborhood. so please give us that lee way. thank you. >> all right you've been listening live to a press conference just held in watertown, massachusetts. where this massive man hunt is under way. the governor the police commissioner just spoke letting people know that this is going to take time. they need people in watertown and the surrounding communities to stay inside. but they said quote they are making significant progress. they are warning, how far, that this could be awhile. possibly hours. they say they are checking data bases and moving around as they are trying to make sure they
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get the second suspect in custody. there has been so much information coming in about this man hunt and about the suspects in just the last several minutes. we do know more about the suspect at this point. they are being identified as brothers from help help that. one still on the loose. the one in the black hat was shot dead overnight. on the right side of your screen you have the other suspect the man they are looking for at this hour. that man is 19-year-old joe carson yeah.
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i want to take you how we got here. those pictures we just showed you were released about 5:15. last night there was a robbery of a convenient store near mit. then a campus police officer was shot and killed. the suspect carjacked a man who was able to get away unhurt. a transit officer was injured in that incident. he is in critical condition. one suspect was killed but the other one escaped. that is when the massive man hunt has gotten under way. police have shut down this city. >> we have confirmed with the governor and the mayor of boston and all of the surrounding city public safety officials and the governor has immediately suspended all public transportation service
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on the mbta system. that is buses and subway. so all public transit services through the mbta has been immediately suspended. >> and it's not just mass transit it's the schools, it's the businesses. everything shut down. you are talking about an area that effects a lot of people. about a quarter million people in and around this watertown area has been told to shelter in place. but at the press conference they said they were expanding it to the boston area. and you talk about mass transit being shut down that effects more than a million people. the scene you are looking at right now that is what we are seeing across that area with swat teams making their way through. thousands and thousands of police officers have basically shut down the city as they are searching for the suspect. again a lot of information just coming in rapidly into our newsroom. we will keep following it and keep you updated here on the morning news. reporting live from the
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newsroom claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. >> in two hours the san francisco marathon team will start a run in honor of the boston marathon runners. tara moriarty is there at the start of the race where the team says everyone is welcome and pleasurer wear -- and please wear the colors of the boston marathon blue and yellow. >> reporter: that is correct. in two hour trace be meeting at the ferry building. because of the massive response on facebook they decided to switch that location. they say they will be pounding the pavement to show their support for the victims. all of this in wake of the bombings in boston that happened earlier this week. they have a facebook page and a twitter #run for boston. the day after the explosion near the finish line of one of
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the world's most prestigious races people basically runners all over the country were offering attributes. we had one in oakland just yesterday. this race will be just over four miles and we will stay out here obviously race beginning at 7:00. we will try to get reaction from those runners and find out why they are participating and how they are feeling especially in light of everything that is happening right now with those suspects being apprehended. we are live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with us here at ktvu channel 2 all morning long continuing team coverage of the very latest developments. it is ongoing right now in and near boston and the marathon bombing case. you can also get updates any time of day by going to our channel 2 website we have mobile ktvu as well. just look for the boston bombings tab on our front page. time now 5:08. over night news a man is in the hospital with very serious head injuries after being hit by a train in oakland.
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around 1:00 a.m. the union pacific train was moving through jack london square when the engineer noticed a man laying on the tracks. part of that train hit the man and dragged him after a block. investigators say that man may have been under the influence. 5:08 is the time right now. so far it's been a smooth commute. i hope it stays that way sal. >> me too pam and dave. it does look good all over the place. this is a look at the east shore freeway and nice. we've been looking all over the place and we don't have a lot going on. it's still nice and early for your commute. if you are trying to get to the bay bridge it is early as well. also the morning commute on 280 northbound looks pretty good and it's moving along very well. steve. >> sal? >> i hear you have fans out there. >> pam, whom should i say hello
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to? >> maryland. >> she has good news out there were it looks very good out there. sfo west at nine. system to the north has turned the wind direction. 40s on the temps. napa is 42. that is cool for some. not bad for others. low 50s. hayward is in there. oakland and san francisco at 50. the fog is out there but it's not on the coast. this system there is plowing in. that is strong for the pacific northwest. that will knock the high pressure down a little bit today. it will be a nice day but there is a westerly component. it will be a little cooler coast and bay. some patchy fog might play into the forecast tonight and saturday. sunny and warm but a little cooler by the coast. temperatures we lose that north wind or north easterly breeze. so 60s upper 60s and 70s around
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the bay. and upper 70s and low 80s inland. again it's like we get a 20- degree spread sometimes. it's that time of year and pattern. a little cooler saturday and we have sunshine and warmer weather for next week. time now 5:10. it has been five months since the november elections now. 65 uncounted ballots have been found at one bay area county. on the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake san francisco mayor signs a new seismic metro fit law. plus we will continue our team coverage of the breaking news in the boston bombing case. one suspect is dead. another one is on the run. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are following that breaking news in the boston marathon bombing case. it's 5:14 right now. the associated press reporting the two suspects are brothers from the russian re onof chechny. one of the sus -- region of chechny. one of the suspects was killed over night. it is in the city of watertown just outside of boston. we answer all of boston is being ordered to shelter in place. transit systems shut down. we're going to have a live report from watertown in just a few minutes. president obama of course staying on top of the very
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latest developments coming out of boston as well this morning and ktvu kyla campbell is in our washington, d.c. newsroom. you spoke at the white house this morning. what do they say? >> reporter: pam, my contact there was working on more details for me. we are told the president was briefed over night by his homeland security and counterterrorism advisors. earlier this week the president said the white house would not speculate on anything and not be disruptive to investigation. just hours before the deadly shooting of the one suspect over night president obama was in boston speaking at an interface prayer service. then he and first lady michelle obama met with victims from the last. i'm waiting to hear back from my contact. of coursely keep you posted when i see you next hour. live in washington kyla
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campbell. in other news this morning the new immigration reform bill gets its first test at the hearing of the senate judiciary hearing. the so-called gang of eight senators formerly unvailed the plan yesterday. it includes a 13 year path to citizenship. some critics of the bill say it amounts to amnesty for people who entered the u.s. illegally. 5:15. in san mateo county 65 misplaced ballots from the november election have been found. they were found friday in a storage vault at the county elections office. the chief election officer says someone accidentally put them inside of a closed box but he is pointing out there was not enough ballots to swing the race but he is investigating why this happened. meantime there are two more developments in the fatal shooting of quinn boyer. the oldest of the suspect christian burton was in court. he is being tried as an salt.
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burton shot boyer while trying to carjack him in the oakland hills back on april 2nd. burton will not face the death penalty because he is a juvenile. also a 13-year-old boy has now been charged in the crime and now the total number of suspects is up to six. a seismic retrofit law is going into effect in san francisco. mayor ed lee signed the bill yesterday on the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake and fire. it targets about 3,000 soft story builds that may collapse in a strong earthquake. they are three stories or taller with five or more units and a garage or open space below. >> some 58,000 people live in those. they are buildings that contain 7,000 workers and thousands of small businesses. >> the city estimates that the seismic retrofitting could cost
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property owners $60,000 to $130,000. the landlords will be able to pass the cost on to the tenants and notices about the law will start going out this fall. time now 5:17. let's get everybody out the door this morning. sal, you are keeping an eye on oakland and 880? >> that is right we are looking at that. there was pretty bright lights driving up near high street. they have twill been turned off. there are no major problems by the way on 880 or 580 getting over to the downtown oakland area. this morning's commute also looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. every time we see it we see more cars but we don't see a crowd yet. if you are driving out to the livermore valley. let's say you are driving from livermore to pleasanton today much better. today traffic is moving is well. the weather is nice. it's been warming up. now for those that already take hikes or mountain bikers you
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probably already know this. if you say i'm going to go for a hike this weekend up in one of the bay area peaks the snakes are out. about 75-degrees they come out. 78 the rattlesnakes come out. just so you know keep an eye on the ground. otherwise we have a little cool down. there is a west wind to about 9- 10 miles an hour at sfo. that was not the case yesterday. the fog is not there. it's out there but it's not there. it's there. it's not on the coast yet. system moving into the north responsible for turning that wind from north to east. and now westerly. that will be with us today and tomorrow. i do believe the fog will be with us today and tomorrow. a good little system to the north. slightly cooler though coast and bay. 60s and 70s. by sunday we will warm temperatures up. i think today and tomorrow we bring temperatures down just a coach. sunny and warm but it will be cooler by the coast with more of a westerly breeze. mild to warm to nice.
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60s coast and bay. 78 novato. 72 hayward. 76 mountain view. that is the spirit. atherton and menlo park all in there about the same. santa cruz brought you down about four degrees from yesterday. sunshine and sunny side up and warmer especially early next week. >> thank you, steve. all the european stock markets are up this morning. that follows gains across asia overmight. hong kong and china's shanghai index finished the day up more than 2%. checking in on our numbers across the board it looks like a pretty good opening for the dow, nasdaq, and the s & p. there are some good earnings reports to talk about this morning. microsoft is one of them. now another stock to watch today a report for dell is no longer interested in making a
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deal. the black stone group has reportedly pulled out of that deal with dell. that comes one month after a challenge to take the company private. sources says black stone no longer interested after an unprecedented 14% drop in sales for the first quarter of this year. time now 5:20. mishandled money. why the dmv personalized license plate program is not bringing in all the money it could. also back to our breaking news on the boston marathon bombing case. again one suspect is dead. there is a man hunt for the second anden a complete lock down a-- and a complete lockdown across boston.
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time now 5:23. we are following breaking news in the boston bombing case. we are looking at an army truck now in the middle of the street. tactical troops are on the continuing search. look at them moving down the street in a single file. we are not sure what is happening right now but they are searching for the suspects in the case. you know what happened during the night there was a night of explosions, deadly gunfire in watertown, massachusetts. which is where we are right now. this is a city just outside of boston. law enforcement agencies confirm that the two suspects brothers from the russian region of chechny. one of the suspects is killed
5:25 am
and still on the loose. supposed with used to support the environment and the arts but the state auditor says dmv has been collecting millions of dollars less than it should be from that program. >> it could be for environmental protection purposes or antiterrorism activities so those funds that are not being collected is money we are not being able to use. >> the dmv says keeping track of these funds would take a massive computer upgrade which would cost more than the license plate program brings in. time now 5:26. let's check your commute right now at 5:25. sal you are watching 280 and everything else. >> that is right we are looking at the south bay.
5:26 am
it has been a nice looking drive around the bay on this friday. pam had mentioned it. we are also mentioning it. we hope it will stay nice and light for you on this friday. obviously everyone needs a little break from yesterday's commute imparticular. the traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive on 680. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. a little cooler by the coast today. not so much because of fog but because a westerly breeze has decided to develop. if and much of the coast has an on shore direction. a little cooler coast and bay. still nice inland. upper 70s and low 80s. thank you. time now 5:26 in boston everyone is being told to stay indoors right now. it's part of a shelter in place. this is the scene a live report from massachusetts coming up on the man hunt for that second boston marathon bombing suspect. plus a five and six-year-
5:27 am
old diving for cover as bullets fly in the parking lot of a t- ball game in vallejo. ♪
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5:30 am
taken shape. still pretty nice. 60s and 70s coast and bay. here is sal. steve, good morning. you are looking at the -- no major problems on 880. this is a look at 237 if you are going that route over to 101 it's still looking good. now let's go back to the desk. we continue with breaking news in the boston marathon bombing case. just minutes ago the city's police commissioner urged people throughout the city to stay indoors. first it was mass transit now taxi service has been shut down as well. reporter pam brown is live in the boston suburb of watertown, massachusetts where police continue to search for the second suspecten we have seen a lot of activity out there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we sure are. this is a rapidly developing situation as you mentioned. hundreds of thousands of people are told to stay inside their
5:31 am
homes and to keep their doors locked. not only here in watertown, but also surrounding areas clean iding boston. this is an unprecedented move. this is all because of a man hunt that is under way for a suspect considered armed and dangerous. police calling that suspect a terrorist connected with the bombings from the boston marathon on monday. that suspect is still on the loose and the brother of that suspect we're told was killed earlier today in a shootout here just a couple blocks away from where i am here in watertown. we have learned a little bit about the suspects this morning. as mentioned they are brothers. they are from the russian caucuses moved to kazakhstan at a young age and have been here in the u.s. far couple of years. we do know the older brother studied at bunker hill community college and in a website posting under his name he said quote, i don't have a single american friend. so that is what we know at this
5:32 am
point about those suspects and of course as mentioned the area is still on lock down. cab services has been suspended in the area including boston. amtrak service suspended and there is no traffic being allowed in and out of watertown at this point. so really things are at a standstill as authorities search for the suspects. >> what are you hearing about -- we heard they could be surrounding a particular outdoor mall where you are and there is also a chance they think the the other suspect might be back in newton, massachusetts or cambridge? it's a big area they are searching at this point; right? >> reporter: this is a very big area. and there are a lot of reports out there right now. but what we do know and what we can confirm is that there are thousands up to 9,000 law enforcement officers. we're talking swat team members, tactical teams, bomb
5:33 am
squad members, local, state, federal police all on the hunt for this suspect. the hunt has been going on for several hours now and it continues. really this is a very active, fluid situation at this point. >> all right pam brown there in watertown, massachusetts which certainly is the hub of a lot 06 this activity. we will continue to check back in with you throughout the morning. time now 5:32. we continue our team coverage of the boston bombing story with ktvu claudine wong she is in our newsroom now with the extra details. claudine. >> reporter: that is right. there is so many different areas we are watching right now. i want to take you back out lye to the scene in another area. we just saw pam brown in one neighborhood. this is a different part of watertown, massachusetts. the camera is moving around a little bit because a lot is going on. as you take a look at this street nothing is coming in and out of there because obviously they have shut down traffic to this whole area. you have swat teams going from door to door making sure the
5:34 am
area is secure. it looks like there is some activity. we have been watching this live picture for a little bit here. some activity. it looks like they have their attention focused on one area. they have been going around in different neighborhoods debt stating suspicious -- detonating suspicious packages. you've got to get a really good idea how big this area has been. this is a new picture that was released in the last half hour of the suspect. this is the man identified as 19-year-old if tsarnaev. he's been in living in cambridge in the past year. he is armed and dangerous and called a terrorist by police, authorities. they want to find him immediately. very concerned right now about the safety of that neighborhood. take a look on your screen now. these are the two suspects. these are the pictures that authorities released yesterday. the man on your left his name
5:35 am
is tarmalan tsarnaev. and on the right that is the man they are still looking for right now. now there was a press conference just a short time ago. governor spoke. the police commissioner was there urging everyone to stay inside of their homes as this massive man hunt is under way. let's listen to what the governor had to say. >> we are asking people to shelter in place. in other words to stay indoors with their doors locked and not to open the door for anyone other than a properly identified law enforcement officer and that applies here in watertown where we are right now. also cambridge, newton, belmont, and at this point all of boston. >> reporter: we want to take you back out live to the scene because there is a lot of activity there. you can see state police officers rolling through that area. you see the buses on your
5:36 am
screen those buses have been used to bring scores of law enforcement officers into these neighborhoods. because again they have been shut down to traffic. any vehicle you are seeing moving right now belongs to law enforcement that is going through there and making sure that they are clearing up that situation. now we are hearing from that scene that you are looking at right now in that area that there is the smell of smoke in the area. it looks like fbi and atf. so many federal authorities. it looks like there is activity there and we are certainly keeping an eye on that. it's hard to tell if this is significant or not because we have seen them rush through several neighborhoods this morning. that is obviously a large police presence right there and what they have been doing all morning is really going house to house. as they clear it you can almost see when you have been out in similar situations but any kind of swat activity by their body language when things are clear.
5:37 am
when we see a lot of mass activity in that area it certainly alerts us and makes us look a lot closer. this is one of the areas we are trying to figure out if this is a significant development or is this something they are concerned about. they did say earlier that they believe the search would take hours. again we have seen several police cars go through that neighborhood. we have seen swat on stand by. we are keeping an eye on that. we want to remind you how we got here. the pictures we showed you earlier of the suspects those were released last night at 5:15. and literally an hour and a half later you had the convenient store robbery where the campus officer from mit was killed. then you had a carjacking. they believe they carjacked a man. got away from that scene and then you had another shootout. we just see an officer going inside that home. it looks like where their
5:38 am
attention has been -- it looks like someone went into that building. you still have a large police presence around that area. and now they are walking someone out. this is what they have been doing all morning long. once they clear that house they have been walking the residents out. methought sure if they are evac- - i'm not sure if they have been evacuating those folks. they are still kind of hunkered down out there depending on which officer you are looking at and they have obviously really converged on this area. remember the two suspects are believed to have lived in the cambridge area for at least a year. there are some reports two years maybe studying and going to school. the one 19 still at large. the other is 26 years old and was killed. they have familiarity with these neighborhoods and that is why they are work their way through. we are getting new information
5:39 am
that a u.s. law enforcement official and the uncle of these two suspects confirming their identities. these three law enforcement officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity did confirm they are brothers. of course that is what we have been hearing as they travel from chechnya. that is the latest information coming in. all we can do is keep an eye on the situation. we are focused on this area now but keep in mind this is a scene that is playing out in so many neighborhoods across the boston area and that is why it is very difficult to get information in that is why the governor and the police commissioner warned everyone throughout the boston metro area to stay inside. they believe the man they are searching for is extremely dangerous. obviously capable of a lot of violence. we will keep an eye on things here in the newsroom. if anything changes we will keep you updated and alerted and any activity we will keep
5:40 am
an eye on and have the very latest for you of course on the ktvu morning news. the father of a teenager in massachusetts is fearing for his son's life after the boston marathon bombing. it comes after his son and another teenager were misidentified on several websites as those bombing suspects. coming up at 5:45 we'll let you hear what the teenager has to say about the pictures. a run to honor the boston marathon victims will begin in san francisco. here's a facebook page of the event. because of the big response to the event, the team moved the race to the ferry building in san francisco. that is where it will all begin at 7:00 this morning. the marathon team says if you plan to go participate in the run, wear the colors blue and yellow. they are the colors of the boston marathon.
5:41 am
make sure you stay right here for ktvu channel 2 all morning long for continuing team coverage of the latest developments of the boston marathon bombing case. you can also get updates at any time by going to our channel 2 website just look for the boston bombings tab right there on the front page. a scary story and a violent end to a little league game in vallejo as five and six-year- olds were diving for cover when bullets started to fly. at wednesday nights game two men were arguing in the parking lot when one drove away. the other opened fire riddling the car with bullets. the victim was able to get away but people at the game say this should be a safe place for children. >> no regard for life at all. this is what we have become. we can just shoot our bullets next to these children instead of playing and laughing. and as they leave, they leave in fear. >> for now the little league board has canceled all games.
5:42 am
the gunman is still on the loose. he's described as a mix raced man in his 20s. weighing about 250 pounds. if you have any information call vallejo police. time is 5:41. let's check back with sal. you are watching all of our traffic and the al plaza. >> we have breaking traffic news. we have a serious accident on mission boulevard at cherry way in hayward. it's reported as a vehicle that hit two pedestrians and some very serious injuries. we are finding out in the newsroom. so we will find out more. in fact, we have a crew headed to the scene. this is on mission boulevard on cherry way in hayward. we will find out more about what is going on there. we do know for sure a vehicle has hit two pedestrians and very serious injuries there. let's take a look at the commute on the toll plaza. the traffic is moving along
5:43 am
very nicely. no major problems in san francisco. this mornings commute looks good on westbound 580. now at 5:42 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. very good morning everybody. happy friday. a little cooler coast and bay. it will still be sunny, mild to warm. some patchy fog is inching closer. i think it plays tonight into saturday. i mean like upper 80s. upper 80s to near 90. we'll see around tuesday. system moving into the north. again the water temps are really cold. so it wouldn't take much to get that fog forming so it's there. we just need a little stronger westerly breeze. yesterday was all easterly or northerly. that really sent temperatures up. today we will back it off. 40s on the temps and 50s. not too bad for others. that will keep us kind of in check today. high pressure will lose its
5:44 am
grip a little bit. it will reload and fire right back up on sunday. a slight west breeze. a little cooler coast and bay. 60s coast. 70s bay and upper 70s and low to mid 80s. especially sunday will be a little warmer. today sunny, warm, and nice. with that westerly breeze we see temps coming down. so 60s. upper 60s and 70s coast and bay. mid 70s and you get far enough away upper 70s and low 80s. we will hold things here today and tomorrow. and it does look warmer sunday and early next week. 5:44 is the time right now. if you were just joining us we are following that breaking news in the boston bombing case. we want to take you back there live to the scene where you see pretty serious intense police activity. one suspect was killed. the second is on the run. again police activity right now. also bay area garbage workers showing their spot for striking worker in the midwest. this could mean three bay area
5:45 am
cities will have their service disrupted.
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5:47 am
welcome back. good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you. these are live pictures from watertown, massachusetts. a lot of police activity happening right now. breaking news in the boston marathon bombing case. just moments ago police sealed off this neighborhood outside of boston. all of this happening just hours after one of the suspects in the marathon bombing case was killed. there is a massive man hunt happening now for a second suspect. law enforcement agencies have confirmed that the two brothers the two suspects are brothers. they are from the russian
5:48 am
region of chechnya. also coming up the new immigration reform bill introduced by the gang of eight senators they will have their first hearing today. homeland security secretary janet napolitano is among the witnesses that will be testifying. also investigators in texas are telling theway koa tribune that -- the waco tribune that they believe 17 people were killed in the fertilizer explosion. the mayor of the city of west texas estimated the if explosion killed 35-40 people. the investigation into the explosion won't really start until the search for more of the victims is finished. a father is afraid for his son's life after a 17-year-old son and friend were misidentified as the boston marathon bombing suspects. the original article appeared in the new york post. sala learned about the mistake
5:49 am
on social media then he and his friend went straight to the police department to clear their names. now still they worry about the impact it will have on the rest of their lives. >> people lost families. lost part of their bodies. they all blame me. but i can tell you it wasn't me. >> he wants an apology from the post. the post updated the story reporting the two men have been cleared by investigators. some bay area garbage workers are not reporting to work today. so far the strike has disrupted service in san jose, fremont, and union city. it began yesterday it continues today. people in those cities who have saturday service may also be effected. time now 5:49. let's quickly check in with sal.
5:50 am
a serious crash near hayward. >> yeah. it's what most people consider hayward but it's outside the city limits on michigan boulevard. it's a very serious injury crash here and a lot of people use mission boulevard at this hour. it's blocked at cherry way because of a serious injury crash involving a sheriffs car and pedestrian. so we are going to be on the scene very soon with information about this but one thing we do want you to know is stay away from the area of mission boulevard and cherry way. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is nothing major. and is northbound 101 looks good. at 5:50 let's go back to steve. sal, thank you. a very good morning. a little cooler after
5:51 am
yesterday's warmup. 60s and 70s coast and bay. that copes the door for -- opens the door for more westerly breeze. a lot of 40s more so than 50s. there is also an westerly wind at sfo. but still that is different than yesterday at this time. city was 70 yesterday. dropping to six o'clock. even put in a tiny bit of patchy low clouds. it's close. believe me it's getting close. system will barrel into the pacific northwest. that will give us a slight cool down. it will be cooler coast and bay even though the fog really san issue right now. it wouldn't take much. the water temps are brutally cold. 60s and 70s and upper 70s or very low 80s. it's that pattern where inland temps -- and then everything says warm it right back up. especially early next week. thank you, steve. time now 5:51. air travelers should plan for flight delays this weekend. what will happen on sunday with air traffic controllers and the impact on flight plans.
5:52 am
also the breaking news in the boston bombing case. these are live pictures. a lot of police activity in the watertown area. this situation is changing by the minute. stay tuned. we'll be right back.
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 5:54 is the time. we want to take you back now to
5:55 am
watertown, massachusetts. a lot of activity is going on. police activity just moments ago police sealed off a particular neighborhood in watertown. this is just miles outside of boston. a lot of news reports coming in. we're keeping an eye on the wires and in our newsroom and twitter and not a lot has been confirmed but there is a lot of information coming in about the suspects and where this the suspect might be. this is happening just hours after one suspect was killed. massive man hunt for the second. some news authorities are reporting that unidentified person has been taken into custody. again that is not confirmed at this point. there is another unconfirmed report they might be look for someone heading to manhattan. possibly in cambridge. they do confirm the two suspects are brothers. they are from the russian region of chechnya.
5:56 am
we are looking live there. police activity continues. claudine wong is watching this from our newsroom. she is going to have an update in just a few minutes. >> time is 5:55. pg&e has stepped up security at its substations in the bay area after what authorities believe was a coordinated attack in san jose. just last night police were stationed at some of the gates at substation. pg&e tells us it's working with local law enforcement to increase their security. all of this comes after what happened at the san jose center early tuesday morning. that is when police say someone fired shots and damaged transformers there and also cut under ground fiberoptic cables. the federal aviation administration is warning of flight delays starting on sunday when furloughs kick in. the furloughs are a result of the sequester budget cuts. air traffic controllers will have to take one day off without pay for every ten days
5:57 am
they work. the flow of air traffic will have to be slowed so that they reduce the number of air traffic controllers are not overwhelmed. that may result into up to three hour delays. that includes sfo. time now 5:56. a lot going on. sal, you are still watching 280. >> we are watching 280. we are watching 680 and this fatal crash. we are just getting word this injury crash in hayward has turned into a fatal crash. so we will tell you more about that coming up in the next hour of the morning news. mission boulevard of cherry way. 280 northbound that traffic does look good as you drive through it. we are talking about this fatal crash mission boulevard at cherry way. we do have a crew on the way. it was a vehicle that hit two pedestrians and one has died from injuries resulting from that crash. 5:57 let's go back to the desk. coming up next in our 6:00 hour police are asking everyone in boston and the surrounding
5:58 am
areas to stay inside while they search for a terrorist. we are watching all of the developments live. also a show of solidarity for boston. we will take you live to an event beginning in just one hour from now in san francisco to honor those victims. good morning. you had a pretty good warmup yesterday, will we continue that toad or see a little cool down?
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